Air Quality & Industrial Risk


Thanks to their versatility and polyvalence of use, Aerosol and Doppler Lidar systems can serve various air quality applications. From public air quality issues in cities, on a urban and regional perspective, as well as industrial specific air quality application.

Miningindustryair quality

Mining activities emit huge amounts of mineral dust that affect the neighboring areas, resulting in exceeding of PM standards and loss of materials. Sprays used to control dust emission consume large volume of fresh water. Leosphere has cooperated and keeps working with major mining actors towards a dust management tool.

The assessment of fugitive emissions from industries is a challenge for regulators as well as industries in the frame of the “polluter pays” principle. While no experimental method is yet approved, Leosphere Aerosol and Doppler Lidar systems combine wind and aerosol measurements in real time to offer a methodological breakthrough.

Mapping the distribution of aerosols in complex urban environments is a pionneer tool used by air quality operating agencies, for instance to tackle exposure challenges, to identify source hotspots, or to manage the implantation of air quality stations.

A dedicated team of engineers and PhDs tackles atmospheric challenges worldwide using Leosphere products. It provides tailor-made services to customers seeking for specific lidar surveys in the fields of aerosol and wind measurement.