Leosphere at MTWE – Current projects Lidars for weather observation will be presented

Leosphere is speaking at MTWE conferences: Dr Ludovic Thobois will present current projects implementing Doppler Lidars network for weather observation.

Day 2 – Measurement and Technology
Wednesday, 11th October, 2017 from 15:30 to 16:00 – Conference room  – Hall 8

Inserting multi-function lidars into operational weather observation networks. Existing weather observation networks have been continuously evolving from synoptic network with synoptic stations, satellites and now remote sensing. The emergence of new sensors like the coherent Doppler lidars based on optical fibre technology implies a rethink of the architecture of existing networks. In this paper, a study will be presented to list the opportunities offered by such sensors and the challenges to overcome in order to insert them into existing networks. A series of trials and pioneer projects will be presented, showing recent advancements in terms of validated products and how to combine them with other sensors.

Speaker : Dr Ludovic Thobois – Aviation & Meteorology Science & Applications Manager

lthobois2 Dr Ludovic Thobois received a Phd Thesis from INP Toulouse, France in Fluid dynamics (2006). He studied large eddy simulations of turbulent flows close to surfaces without and with chemistry. He joined in 2011 the advanced research division of Leosphere as the scientific studies manager. He was in charge of developing new post-processing techniques for providing more accurate and relevant observations from Lidar raw data. He is an active participant of several working groups in Europe in charge of exploring the capabilities of new remote sensors for meteorology and air quality purposes.

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