Standalone LIDAR measurements now included in the latest revision of the German TR6 WRA guideline

Since September 22nd the latest revision of the German TR6 guideline for Wind Resource Assessment entered into force.

The objective of these Technical Guidelines for Wind Turbines (known since 1998 as FGW Guidelines) is to present measuring methods allowing the determination of reliable and comparable data for the wind power market, based on state-of-the-art technology. The measurement methods described will serve as best practice for Wind Resource Assessment campaigns in Germany.


Remote sensing made its entrance in the latest revision as an authorized site assessment method under two conditions: 

– a device verification test, similar to anemometer calibration, should be conducted every two years by a third part

– and the remote sensing device should undertake a classification test, which the WINDCUBE v2 has already successfully passed (report available upon request).





The guideline now requires 12 consecutive months of measurement, with a minimum data availability of 80%. This represents a major breakthrough for remote sensors now officially recognized by industry leaders as bankable and reliable measurement devices for your wind power development projects.




Only available in German today, an English release of the guideline is expected in the coming months. For more information, please consult :