Windcube 100S/200S/400S

3D Wind Doppler Lidar

The Windcube 100S/200S/400S product range is a versatile instrument that can address various needs in the Wind Power, climate research, severe weather and meteorology.

With a range from 100m to 3.5 km, 6 km or 10km, multiple scanning patterns choices, high resolution wind data and aerosol structure capability, the Windcube 100S/200S/400S is the ultimate 3D Doppler Lidar in the industry.


3D Long range Wind Doppler Lidar

The Windcube 3D scanning Wind Doppler Lidar system is a versatile tool for recovering highly accurate, real-time wind measurements in any scanning geome tries up to 10km within the planetary boundary layer (PBL). Its optional integrated structure detection algorithm also gives it the capability of detecting the presence of clouds or aerosol layers in the troposphere.

Key benefits

  • Automatic 3D cloud/aerosol detection
  • Fast deployment and setup
  • Reliable, unsupervised operation
  • Versatile instrument configuratio

APPLICATION : Modern meteorology requires top-technology remote sensors

The next generation of high resolution weather prediction models will require very high level spatial and temporal continuity that only a combination of technologies is able to offer. Satellite observations, for global coverage, ground based instrumented networks, with high vertical and temporal resolution, will have to be interlinked.
Short term weather forecasting is extremely important for all economical activities. It has been greatly improved thanks to the ability to monitor highly accurately the lowest level of the atmosphere, which is generally uncovered by classical observation.
This high-resolution wind data flow can help predict local severe weather and storm formation as well as generally improving weather forecasts. It enables priceless time to be won for warning populations and preserving human life.

SOLUTION : Scanning the atmosphere with LIDAR technology

The scanning Windcube range uses the same pulsed Doppler technology as the wellknown and widely used Leosphere Windcube vertical profiler, whilst introducing a very long-range 3D measurement capability at the same time (up to 10km for wind data and 14km for cloud/aerosol detection).
The fiber technology used in all Windcube Lidars is designed to meet extreme operational requirements and offers optimal instrument compactness. The accompanying software provides highly versatile scanning scenarios suited to a wide range of applications.
This family of instruments operates with a fast scanner head, extremely useful for capturing highly turbulent local phenomena or scanning wide areas at a high frequency.

SOLUTION : Accurate wind measurement and structure detection

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