Press Release: New Windcube Lidar, new Windweb software platform announced at Wind Energy Hamburg 2018

Sep 25, 2018

Paris, France 25th September 2018: Leosphere has announced the latest version of the Windcube, its world-leading lidar for wind measurements, delivering improvements to its already high levels of accuracy, reliability and ease of use. At the same time, the company has launched Windweb – a secure cloud-based platform for Lidar systems, users and campaigns management.

Windcube: accurate and robust

The new Windcube, which comes with a three-year maintenance cycle and warranty, has a simpler and more robust design for resilience in the field as well as faster maintenance and repair, including the possibility for onsite maintenance. In addition, the FCR (Flow Complexity Recognition) module for direct measurements in moderately complex terrain is now embedded as standard to support wind development trends by removing the need for additional post-processing.

“With an extended maintenance cycle and native solution for complex terrain measurements, the global total cost of ownership of the new version will be much lower. Furthermore, improved diagnostics and unique onsite maintenance capabilities will significantly increase system uptime. Both are key considerations to our customers now that wind projects rely on lidars as truly operational solutions, increasingly standalone” said Florian Rebeyrat, Product Line Manager, Leosphere.

The new system also takes advantage of vector averaging to reduce measurement uncertainty, following work conducted by Deutsche WindGuard and presented jointly with Leosphere in WindEurope Vilnius in May this year. It has been shown to achieve a close match between RSD and cup across a large span of turbulence intensity, reducing further sensitivities to environmental parameters.

 Windweb: secure and highly manageable wind campaigns

The new Windweb cloud-based platform connects directly all Windcube lidar to any device with individual and secure access, for effective and traceable lidar measurements. Ultimately, it reduces wind campaigns uncertainties by giving more transparency on wind campaigns and avoiding any system or data tampering.

Individual access to each system can be customized by the user administrator with varying levels of permissions, for different periods of time. This ensures both flexibility and security in any type of campaign, even when multiple companies are involved. All data is stored on a secure server only accessible to those who have the relevant permissions. Similarly, adequate permissions allow to directly locate all Windcubes in a fleet, diagnose any anomaly and react quickly using troubleshooting suggestions.

“The launch of the Windweb lidar management platform is the first step towards better integration of lidar measurement campaigns in the workflow of our customers,” said Florian Rebeyrat, Product Line Manager, Leosphere. “It is an evolving tool to help them optimize their measurement campaigns, and it’s designed to give them the power, functionality, security and ease of use they need.”




LEOSPHERE, founded in 2004, is the world leader in ground-based and nacelle-mounted LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) for atmospheric observation. The company designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services remote-sensing instruments for precise accurate wind measurement and aerosol characterization. LEOSPHERE has deployed over a thousand LIDARs throughout the world.

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