WindCube Nacelle for Power Performance Testing

WindCube Nacelle is the wind industry’s preferred and most trusted lidar. With an unprecedented range of up to 700 meters, WindCube Nacelle is the only lidar on the market to reach such distances — both onshore and offshore — and meet the PPT requirements for any current and future wind turbine.

The WindCube Nacelle lidar enables operators to efficiently and accurately assess and verify performance to ensure maximum power output. It is widely accepted for contractual and operational power performance testing (PPT) and has been proven to dramatically reduce operational cost while increasing efficiency. Suitable for any turbine type and rotor diameter, WindCube Nacelle’s enhanced measurement range provides a complete picture of the wind profile — with accuracy and reliability as good as or better than met masts.

WindCube Nacelle provides outstanding flexibility and is suitable for external mounting on nacelles after installation, or for integration by manufacturers to enable Lidar-Assisted Control (LAC).




Hub-height and rotor equivalent measurements on all terrain types

Wide range

Constant accuracy from 50 to 700 meters with 20 simultaneous distances for in-depth analysis

Simple operation

Half-day installation on any turbine with lightweight systems parts and proven procedures

Tried and tested

Accepted by turbine manufacturers and consultants for performance verification