Our quality policy is to meet customer expectation in terms of innovation, performance, high metrological precision, reliability and quality of service ensuring best in class operational continuity and to communicate it to Leosphere staff.

Innovation and industrial responsibility generate a permanent evolution of our products but also requires stabilization and securing our core processes.This means agility on one hand and strong attention to conformity on another hand.

To achieve this, we strongly believe that quality policy has to be based on participative work and empowerment to allow permanent improvement of performance and quality measurement, corrective actions and decision making process.

Quality process is introduced to the team as a way to safely and quickly continue product development and innovation and with the aim of achieving and enhancing customer satisfaction.

It starts each year by reminding company vision and common values before building the objectives. A global assessment of previous year performance is done in detail for each process allowing common understanding of our strength and weaknesses to set up the progress plan. Strategic objectives of the coming year are defined by the Top Management. This leads to a participative construction of operational objectives for each department in terms of performance and quality.

These objectives are then declined individually by the management in order to make sure that each employee has a good understanding of its own contribution to the company’s objectives and customer satisfaction.

The management is requiered to be an active and open relay of company policy and good listener and help in case of difficulty reported by the staff as well as a decision maker. We make sure that performance and quality monitoring is imbedded in the regular operational management cycles of all processes. Board of Director controls and decides actively through weekly meetings to ensure permanent availability of necessary resources.

Objectives review and process performance are managed within formal Boards of Directors and Quality review. We also want to make sure that no accident happens to anybody on the work place and have put in place a dedicated team with a clear action plan to reduce risk at the minimum. A dedicated safety manager conducts this action plan.

We respect all contractual, regulatory and legal obligations required within our markets.


With the arrival of General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) on May 25th 2018, Leosphere is committed to complying fully with this new landmark data privacy law. We have established internal procedures regarding customer data protection and preferences for receiving content updates.

You can also at any time request the processing of data to be restricted and your data to be deleted, moved or corrected at any time according to Leosphere Data Protection. by contacting us at the following email address dataprotection@leosphere.com.

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